A Message of Appreciation


Isn’t that just the most beautiful pair of blue eyes you’ve ever seen?

I almost fell off my chair when i first saw this girl. As a guy I’m sure I can never fully appreciate (if that’s even the right word in this context) how it must be to have a pair of tits hanging from your chest for every moment of every day of your entire life but to perhaps wear a backpack back-to-front and even then you guys will likely find it gets pretty annoying pretty quickly.

Even though you ladies may not have chosen to have tits and that it has since evolved to a point where many of you do choose have tits by means of plastic surgery, augmentations and enlargements that is for the most part, I would just like to say on behalf of all men that we appreciate your sacrifice immensely.

It is very seldom that I will feel I have any right to speak on behalf of someone else but I feel very confident that there will be no complaints in this case.

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