Making Money Makes Her Wet

Once my sister came home from college for summer break. We were all sitting at the dinner table when my parents asked her how her grades were going. She said she doesn’t really know. “You don’t really know? What do you mean you don’t really know?!” they said. “Oh, well I dropped out a few months ago to become a full-time webcam model.” My parents’ mouths dropped and I’m pretty sure I died laughing right there in my chair. I think my body is still there. Maybe I’m a “ghostwriter”. Get it?

But seriously, I was extremely interested and after dinner I cornered her and asked a ton of questions. I have a nice body myself and I thought maybe I could be a cam model too. I just had no idea how to get started. We spent the next couple of hours talking about it and she gave me some great pointers. I won’t regurgitate it all here but I found this site that covers all the basics. Check it out! You can make a ton of cash.

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