How to store and maintain the TPE sex dolls

In a customer satisfaction survey on the sex doll buying site, uxdoll dolls received numerous positive reviews for their quality and service. And how to place the life size TPE sex doll well is a popular concern. Although uxdoll doll manuals have detailed answers to this, we have streamlined this. After reading the following guide, this problem will be solved.

Lie flat

Lay this black skin sex doll flat on a not hard flat surface, whether on the bed, or inside the storage box, or even on the floor, lay a layer of cushion for the doll underneath, can be a quilt, pillow, cloth, etc.! There is another strategy is to place a pillow on the waist and calf sides of the doll, so that your redhead sex doll can maintain the natural curvature of the body when lying flat, so that the doll’s entire body shape will always remain in good shape.


Hanging is the most recommended way of storage your young petite sex doll, because the doll is equivalent to hanging in the air, its own weight will not crush any side, if the home has a better load-bearing closet, hangers or other shelves, hanging is a good choice, it is worth noting that different brands of dolls have different ways of hanging, it is recommended to find a store to consult clearly before buying, so as not to cause damage.


The least recommended way of storage: standing (if your slim sex doll with standing feet)! This is a wrong way of storage! Manufacturers will be particularly stressed: only a short time standing. Because when the premium TPE dolls standing, all the weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot plate, very easy to cause the sole of the foot plate tears, and even the sole of the foot plate outside the metal skeleton, so to avoid the doll to stand for a long time.

Sitting position

Let the doll sitting on the sofa seems to be very safe, but in fact, it is not, if you want to maintain a sitting position, it is recommended to change a position after 1-2 days.

The above is the knowledge of doll storage and placement, did you learned?

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